Episode 14: Mike Diana (special hour-long interview)

Listen to Episode 14:


Special ONE HOUR interview with Mike Diana!

Interview By: LPH

L-Train By: Nicolas Nadeau

Edited By: Melissa Cha

Songs In This Episode (Thanks Free Music Archive!)

“Warm Up” by Mayyors

“Live dublab ‘Sprout Session'” (excerpt) by Robedoor

Mike Diana

Ugly Stickers

Heavy Metal Illustrated

Tales From The Crypt

Kitchen Sink Press

SK Wilson

Robert Crumb

Tom and Jerry

Itchy and Scratchy

Boiled Angel

Gainsville, Florida

Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Audice Tool

Comic Book League of Defense Fund

Grapes of Wrath

Cindy Farren

Ted Bundy

Peter Cooper

World War III Illustrated

Fact Sheet Five

Danny Rollings

Lorena Bobbitt

Iron Monkey

Earwax Records

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