Minjin Lee

I love to play with colors and paint over and over on papers until i feel satisfied about it. I almost never make sketches. I like to see how it goes without planning it. I am not only interested in pop culture, tradition, and social issue in Korea, but i also love to show my personal outlook on ordinary things in different vision. I often mix up and make up abnormal scenes on my paintings.
I am having a gallery show in Korea with Ryan Peltier(www.rpeli.com). I have been working on some pieces of painting for the show.
it’s about Korea. Korean people would easily notice what i draw, non Korean people would wonder what the stories about.
I am looking for stationary jobs. I would love to draw cute little characters for school supplies such as pen/pencils, pencil case, folder, lovely patterns for note book cover, greeting card, book mark and box tape tote bag and lunch box etc. I was always surrounded as a kid by those too lovely yet well designed products in South Korea. I was often asked where i get my cute journals from American friends. So I think i have seen enough things and now it’s time to make my designs. Second, I love to have as many of gallery shows as possible with my personal paintings. Location doesn’t matter. I love to hear what viewers think as a starting illustrator.

My favorite thing about New York is all the kinds of food from all over the world. I love hot spicy salsa, mango chutney, Thai iced tea, Vietnames-French sandwich, greek yogurt, shishi kebob… you name it, I eat everything and I can find whatever it is everywhere. I love parks in summer time. I love the freedom of people wearing bikinis and there is almost no serious perverts.


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