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When Silent Barn’s original location was robbed they were forced to leave that home/venue so people helped throw events to raise money for their now new and amazing space.
Throat helped sponsor and put together one of Silent Barn’s BarnRaisers. We organized one of Rat bastards “Phi-Phenomenon” which is 2 opening acts and then 10 bands play consecutively for 1 hour.
This show consisted of: LRS, Cock E.S.P., FUN, Rexor, Ortho, Bob Bellerue (Diablo), Weasel Walter, Man Date, Loud Objects with Nat Roe, Danny Moore, and Rust Worship.
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When Throat was first coming together we had a “ThroatRazor” to help pay for events like our truck and library shows.
The first ThroatRazor line-up was:
Diamond Black Hearted Boy
Shawn Greenlee
Holy Sheet
Rat Bastard

Impose photo story of Throat Razor – January 16,2011

Village Voice Throat Razor Review – January 18, 2011

Village Voice interviewed Laura – January 14, 2011

==| 1.15.11 THROAT RAZOR |== from FLATSITTER on Vimeo.

video by Kyle Marler

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