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Episode 16: Mark Todd and Ester Pearl Watson

Listen to Episode 16:


Interview with Mark and Ester Watson!

Interview By: LPH

L-Train By: Melissa Cha

Edited By: Melissa Cha

Songs In This Episode (Thanks Free Music Archive!)

“Eywat Setenafegagn” (excerpt) by Getatchew Mekuria and The Ex

“Warzaw Express” by Pharaos

Fun Chicken

Mark Todd

Ester Pearl Watson


Art Center

Helter Skelter


Norman Rockwell


Fort Worth, Texas

Packert Magle

Texas Monthly


Flying Saucers

Outsider Art

Raw Vision Magazine


Star Wars



Alternative Press Expo

Comic Con

Amy Sedaris


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Episode 4: Matt Furie

Listen to Episode 4:


Interview with Matt Furie!

Interview By: BJ

L Train: Heather Freedman

Songs In This Episode: (Thanks to Free Music Archive!)

Szelrozsa – Nacht En Gan Eden

Umberto – Someone Chasing Someone Through A House

6majik9 – Jessica Simpson












Matt Furie

Skinny Puppy


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